Friday 12 January 2018


When four of Senior Judges of the Supreme Court has taken the step of going to the press, it is very clear that there is a very serious issue which they could not solve otherwise. But what the four judges of the Supreme Court has done now, I had already done years back in another Constitutional body namely the COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL OF INDIA when I was working there. I wrote a letter to the CAG stating many malpractices in the Department. But there was no result. On the contrary because of this I was haunted by the department. But I had also not given up. I had also retorted and finally department surrendered. since I had no access to the press as they have now, I took voluntary retirement and wrote a book namely, A FRAUD IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION, on the issue and published. The letter I had written to the CAG is verbatim given in chapter 5 of the book. In chapter 11 malpractices are explained. After all, the result of the 2G scam case based on the CAG Report is before the people of India.

To read free part of my book, go to the following link and go to ‘look inside’: