Tuesday 11 December 2018


Each time only after the money laundering accused people were left the country, Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) start their swooping action-action-action. Now it is time for their grand come back. It starts with the latest extradition order of the Westminster Magistrates' Court in UK.

 But can anybody imagine what could be the total cost to the Government exchequer for this high-profile extradition trial that lasted over a year? And who's money is lost not only in the NPA scam but in these court cases and its ancillary activities in a foreign country for such a long period? And who is responsible for these loss? It is coming mainly from the poor people who stood under the scorching sun throughout the day to get their hard earned notes exchanged during the demonetisation period and paying GST on safety pin (I think 18%) to anything else including the GST on penalty on their savings bank account due to deficiency in minimum balance. And who are the beneficiaries for letting these persons escape? Identify them and saddle them for the cost incurred.

We are already acquainted with such actions in many of the cases where the accused fly away just before the filing of FIR. Whether these cases are mere coincidences, or a deliberate silence to facilitate them to escape from the scene thinking that the general public ignorant, that too when the present Government is affirming and telling every now and then “the Government is corruption free”? If these two assumptions are not the case, then definitely it could be the miracles happened because those accused persons are devotees of some supernatural power and they came to their rescue by making these agencies unconscious till they left the country.
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