Sunday, 24 April 2016

My book on CORRUPTION AND SCAMS in Indian Public Administration

The book 'A FRAUD IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION' is in the form of my autobiography/memoirs,
Part I of the book starts with the Heading “CAG NOT EVEN AN ACCOUNTANT” narrating why it is so from my own experience during my brief initial stay in the account side of the Department. 
From the 2nd chapter onward I am unfurling my experiences in the audit side of the Department in support of the title of the book,... Thereafter I am narrating  from my own experience as to how the CAG manipulates the Audit Report with false information by hiding the real facts.
From chapter 6 to 10 I am narrating how I was harassed by the administration for fighting against corruption while I was in service.
In part III I narrated how I started applying the tools under the ‘RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT 2005’ to expose the corruption and scams that too while in service. Thereafter I took voluntary retirement with the main aim to publish this book.
The book is ending with, “Is it not both CAG and the Ministry is fooling the Parliament and thus the people of India?... ”.
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