Monday 6 August 2018


My first question is whether the Supreme Court Judges joined earlier directly from the Bar would become junior to these new entrants from the Bench on the ground that they had no experience as High Court judge as claimed by the Central government?

If the news published by the mainstream newspapers can be believed, there is discontent among a group of Supreme Court judges who had criticised the way the Central Government dealt with the appointment of Justice Joseph to the Apex Court and decided to lodge a protest with the Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra on Monday on the ‘seniority’ issue. Justice K M Joseph will become the junior most judge in the SC in the context of the order in which the oath-taking ceremony is fixed by the Executive.

Justice Joseph’s name was sent recommended eight months before to the government. But his name was not accepted by the Executive and sent back to the Supreme Court without assigning any valid reason. Now it was again sent along with another two names in July. This time the Centre had accepted his recommendation at the same played a mischief by arranging the order of taking oath in such a way to make Justice Joseph the junior most of the three in spite of the fact that his name was earlier and the other two were not qualified/sent at that time. Under these circumstances, there is reason to believe that, Justice Joseph’s name was earlier returned back to the SC and now accepted but trying to make him junior is because of an ego issue and a revengeful mind-set the BJP-led NDA government nurtured against Justice Joseph since he as the Uttarakhand High Court Chief Justice had quashed the imposition of President’s rule in the state in 2016 and it lead to the restoration of the Congress led government.

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The claim of the Centre that Justice Joseph lacks seniority is only a lame excuse to escape from the issue. First of all, seniority from the joining as the High Court Judge is not the criteria for seniority. The date and order of joining the Supreme Court would make the seniority. Otherwise whether the Supreme Court Judges joined Supreme earlier directly from the Bar would become junior to these new entrants from the Bench on the ground that they had no experience as High Court judge?
In the above context, my last question is whether this is a warning to the judiciary showing the punishment like this and prizes like after retirement positions, etc.?  This issue I am going to elaborate from my own experiences in my autobiography part II under preparation.

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