Thursday 15 February 2018


If it is not a miracle then what? Each time only after the money laundering accused people were left the country, Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) start their swooping action-action-action. We are already acquainted with such actions, one in the ongoing case of Kingfisher scam and now the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. Whether these cases are mere coincidences, or a deliberate silence to facilitate them to escape from the scene and to make the public fools, that to when the present Government is affirming and telling every now and then “My Government is corruption free”? If these two assumptions are not the case, then definitely it could be the miracles happened because those accused persons are devotees of some supernatural power and they came to their rescue by making these agencies unconscious till they left the country.

Apart from this, the statement of the PNB Managing Director’s statement could be believed to the effect that the Rs.11,300 crore scam had already been started way back from the year 2011, that too without their knowledge and even a suspicion and these lower grade persons were running such a huge scam, then the next assumption is that there is no need for such people in the higher places and the bank will go on and on without their presence. Then why to feed these people?

Then comes the next very important entity who is also not aware of these happenings is the Chartered Accountant who certified the accounts of the Bank for all these years without any hint at any stage.

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Somehow they got two scapegoats to absolve from all the responsibilities and liabilities. Why to worry about responsibility and liability, when there is public to make up these unwarranted NPA losses through the taxes and penalty on shortage of minimum balance in the bank accounts thrust upon them by the Government during the Demonetization?

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