Friday 2 February 2018


I was watching the TV on the budget day awaiting for an announcement from the Finance Minister of the much delayed Rs.15,00,000/- offer to each bank account holders at least at the fag end of the term of the present Government. Not only that, I was also making my own budget as to how I could spend it. But to my shock what I heard is the announcement of a much more sugar coated scheme. It is nothing other than the announcement of the Rs. 5 lakh health scheme for the 10 crore poor and vulnerable families in the country with a population of 50 crore out of the approximate total of 125 crores. It is nicknamed as the “world’s largest government funded health care programme” may be with an eye on the Guinness/Limca book entry. It looks to me as a fairy tale when I made a rough calculation.

Suppose, the 10 crore families utilise the Rs.5 lakh assistance, the total would come to Rs.50 lakh crores. Even if only half the number of families avail the facility, total expenditure would be Rs.25 lakh crores. Against this, what the Finance Minister had said in para 59 of the budget speech that, “Adequate funds will be provided for smooth implementation of this programme”. From where? From the estimated total estimated revenue receipt for the financial yearRs.1725738 crore? (see attachment).Or by deducting it from the crores and crores black money expected from the Swiss Bank? Then what about the 15 lakh? Or this scheme is also an election promise to be ignored?      (Visit my HOME PAGE: ) 

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